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Plant and Planet Law Firm was founded with a mission to provide legal services to clients whose research, technologies, products, innovations and businesses make the world a better place.  Through a crazy combination of intentional decisions and being in the ‘right place at the right time,’ Dr. Dale Hunt has been fortunate enough to develop a level of expertise in the seven industries that define the purpose and mission of Plant and Planet Law Firm: Cannabis, Agriculture, Water, Clean Energy, Life Sciences, Medicine, and International Law and Commerce.

Plant & Planet Law Firm works with plant breeders, ag companies, farms, nurseries, and research institutions to protect world-class genetics, cultivation technologies, and ag-related products.   Our clients’ plant cultivars and products have an impact and are in demand in markets throughout the world. 

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Committed To Helping Our Clients Make The Planet Better

Our Practice Areas


Protecting new varieties, products, and companies in the legal Cannabis industry.


Enhancing the availability of clean water through technology and good business.

Clean Energy

Promoting sustainable development by helping to advance clean energy technologies.


Supporting agriculture technology and new plant varieties and those who develop them.


Assisting medical researchers whose labor and creativity leads to new lifesaving techniques and devices.

Life Sciences

Working with scientists to convert cutting-edge discoveries to revolutionary products.

International Law
& Commerce

Guiding entrepreneurs as they introduce their plant varieties, products, or businesses into new international markets.

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