Areas of Expertise

Plants & Plant Medicine

Our team works with numerous clients in the area of plant medicine.  We have obtained many patents on medicinal plant varieties as well as healing compositions derived from plants.  As the demand for natural medicines and remedies increases across the United States and worldwide, we are helping our clients to protect their inventions that meet this demand.


We have vast experience in water purification technologies, having worked more than 20 years with clients whose research and product development efforts are focused on water. Our strengths in this area include having obtained hundreds of patents in the U.S. and worldwide on flat-sheet and hollow-fiber filter membrane systems for water purification, wastewater treatment, and other ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and nanofiltration applications.

Our expertise also extends to evaporative water purification, desalination, and advanced septic systems. We have employed successful strategies for patent claims on filtration devices and water purification systems both structurally and functionally, around the world.

Life Sciences

Before becoming patent professionals, we were life scientists or engineers. We maintain a fascination with science and love to learn new technologies as we work with our clients’ inventions. Our team has deep experience working with universities and research institutions as well as startups and larger companies in life sciences. 

These technologies include or employ genomics, proteomics, microbiomes, synergistic combinations of natural ingredients, insecticides and parasiticides made from natural ingredients, biodegradable plastics made from natural polymers, essential oils and active formulations, biological energy sources, nutritional products, genetic analyses, and many others.


Other Practice Areas

Agreements, Negotiations
& Mediations

Providing the legal frameworks for new businesses to get started, and the IP licenses and other agreements that are keys to success.


Assisting medical researchers whose labor and creativity lead to new lifesaving techniques and devices.


Supporting agriculture technology, new plant varieties, and those who develop them.

Clean Energy

Promoting sustainable development by helping to advance clean energy technologies.

IP Strategies &
Risk Management

Guiding entrepreneurs as they introduce their plant varieties, products, or businesses into new markets worldwide.